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When legal disputes disrupt your business or personal life, having a committed, knowledgeable attorney to zealously advocate on your behalf brings comfort and peace of mind. Law Offices of Rhona S. Kauffman represent businesses, families, and individuals in litigation, arbitration, and mediation. 

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What is Civil Litigation?

Civil litigation encompasses a broad scope of legal disputes between individuals, businesses, or other entities. These disputes can arise from various issues, such as breach of contract, property disputes, personal injury claims, employment disputes, and more. When parties cannot resolve their differences through negotiation or alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation or arbitration, they often turn to civil litigation to seek resolution through the court system.

Civil Litigation Matters We Handle

Ms. Kauffman successfully brings actions or defends clients with all general civil litigation matters, including but not limited to:

How Our Civil Litigation Lawyer Can Help You

We can assist by:

  • Case Evaluation and Strategy Development: We can perform a thorough evaluation of your case, analyzing the facts, relevant laws, and potential legal theories to determine your position's strengths and weaknesses. Based on this assessment, we can create a strategic plan tailored to your specific goals and objectives.
  • Legal Representation: We provide skilled and zealous representation in all types of civil disputes. Whether you are initiating a lawsuit or defending against one, we will advocate vigorously on your behalf in negotiations, hearings, and court proceedings.
  • Negotiation and Settlement: While litigation can be adversarial, we recognize the value of exploring opportunities for settlement when it aligns with our client's best interests.
  • Trial Advocacy: In the instance that your case proceeds to trial, you can trust us to present a compelling case before the court. We meticulously prepare for trial, gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and crafting persuasive arguments to secure a favorable outcome on your behalf.
  • Appellate Practice: Our commitment to our clients does not end with the trial court's decision. If necessary, we have the experience and expertise to handle civil appeals, advocating for our client's rights before appellate courts to seek a reversal or modification of an adverse judgment.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution: In some circumstances, litigation may not be the most cost-effective or efficient means of resolving a dispute. We can explore alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation or arbitration, leveraging our negotiation skills to achieve favorable outcomes outside of the courtroom whenever possible.
Law Offices of Rhona S. Kauffman Law Offices of Rhona S. Kauffman
Ms. Kauffman was easily the best experience I’ve had hiring an attorney.

Put a Strong, Determined Litigator to Work for You

Your time is valuable, and litigation can be very expensive. As a result, Ms. Kauffman stresses efficiency and diligence throughout the process. Ms. Kauffman prides herself in providing to you straightforward, honest answers to all your questions to ensure that you fully understand the litigation process and what to expect as your case moves forward. If settling your case early will achieve the best result, then Ms. Kauffman will focus on your best interest in settling your matter instead of engaging in lengthy litigation.

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