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Like a lighthouse when your coming in from rough seas a “Great” lawyer can you give you the confidence that you can make it safely to port. Rhona Kauffman is that kinda of lawyer. I hired here twice for two cases that were particularly troublesome for me. She returns calls in a timely fashion. Actually listen to my concerns and counseled me in a fashion that was not demeaning but clear and concise without sugar coating. Rhona has a very professional demeanor but at the same time you feel that you are getting the same advise that she would give her own brother. Monetarily I never felt like I was getting over charged and that I was receiving the best service. Thank you Rhona your clients appreciate you!

— John Moss 09/26/2019 (Avvo.com Review)

I hired Rhona Kauffman to help me with a complex legal issue. Rhona was absolutely wonderful, efficient, clear and helpful with my legal issue. We were successful in receiving a positive court judgement whereas I received a total successful outcome to my legal issue. I would highly recommend Rhona! Thank you.

— Alan 09/25/2019 (Avvo.com Review)

I’ve used Ms. Kauffman several times. The first time was for legal advice for my aging mother who did not have a current trust in place. Thank goodness I was able to get the trust done in time so there would be no legal issues when she passed.

The second time was for a new business. Ms. Kauffman prepared the corporation for my partner and I. I knew nothing about starting a new business so her legal advice was very useful.
When I was involved in a legal suit, Ms. Kauffman gave me advice on how to handle myself in court. It really helped me since I was very nervous.

Ms. Kauffman is very knowledgeable in many fields.
I highly recommend her for your legal needs.

— Denise 08/13/2019 (Avvo.com Review)

Ms. Kauffman was easily the best experience I’ve had hiring an attorney. It was obvious from the beginning she is passionate about what she does. In my experience with other attorneys they will often hedge their advice and leave you uncertain about which way to proceed. With Ms. Kauffman the advice was certain and spot on in our case. Highly recommend!

— Client 06/08/2017 (Lawyers.com Review)

I had the pleasure of highering Rhona to help settle a rental dispute. She was professional, prompt and very well educated on business law. I wouldn’t want to go through another rental dispute; however, if the situation arises there is NO other person I would want in my corner then Rhona Kufman.

— Client 03/10/2016 (Avvo.com Review)

She was up front with all things connected to my case. My case went to trial in Oct. 2015. She keep me up to date on all things leading up to that date. I would recommend her to any one in need of a lawyer.

— Carol 03/08/2016 (Avvo.com Review)

I have worked with numerous attorneys over the years. Rhona Kaufman was the most communicative and accessible of them all.

She successfully settled our case within 2 months at a fair fee. She avoided costly and protracted litigation.

Sometimes you need legal representation to get justice. I would not hesitate to recommend Rhona and her firm to obtain that justice for you.

— Randy 12/16/2011 (Avvo.com Review)

Rhona represented our small family business against a large weathly plaintiff who was using the legal system as a club with tactics and techniques designed to increase our costs and prolong the litigation.

Rhona is the in-house attorney that handled all the field assignments, including client management, interviewing witnessess, depositions and in court representation. Rhona managed all the communication of information among the other attorneys working in her office as well as keeping her client up to date. We never had to wonder what the status of our case was. Rhona exhibits great compassion for her clients and fights tenaciously for them like a bear protecting her cubs. You definitely want this attorney on your side.

— Denni 12/6/2011 (Avvo.com Review)